My Story

Scentsy. Love. I had never heard of it until a friend of my brother's introduce me to it. I bought a warmer and about 6 scents that day. Then it started showing up at work too. Friends there were hosting basket parties and I'd order every single time. Then my son started going to the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER SOONER!!) and I decided to give selling a try.

I thought it would just be me selling and adding a little to the college fund but it became so much more than that! I found out a month into selling that Scentsy was going to Stampede on Ft. Worth, Texas (just down the road from me) so I signed up and attended.

Never in my life have I ever been so inspired to make myself better, not just as a sales person for Scentsy but just as an individual in life as well. I see people and the world more positively now and I have the Scentsy Family to thank for that. Every year at convention I become more inspired to do good and live right.

Some day I hope to give Orville and Heidi a big squeeze and to say thank you to them personally for all they have provided for my journey in life.

It's a great ride they have going on here at Scentsy!

I hope you find it as appealing as I, and many, many others do!